Maintenance after equipment failure

1、 For the technical state of glass machinery and equipment deterioration or failure, in order to restore its function and accuracy should be taken to replace or repair the wear and failure of the parts (including reference parts), and the whole machine or local disassembly, adjustment of technical activities. In the daily production and processing, glass machinery and equipment in the use of the process, its parts will gradually produce wear and tear, deformation, fracture, etching and other phenomena (collectively referred to as tangible wear). With the gradual increase in the degree of wear and tear of the parts, the technical state of glass machinery and equipment will gradually deteriorate, losing the original function and precision, so that the whole machine loses its value.

2、 And the economic efficiency of glass machinery equipment maintenance is an important part of the enterprise economic efficiency system, it depends on. The advantages and disadvantages of equipment maintenance design, repair personnel technical level, maintenance organisation system and equipment and facilities of the degree of perfection Therefore, to improve the economic efficiency of enterprise equipment maintenance, should be from three aspects of comprehensive consideration, take countermeasures.

3、 First of all, for in-use glass machinery and equipment. Must implement the policy of prevention first, and according to the nature of the enterprise's production, the characteristics of the equipment and its position in the production, choose the appropriate way of maintenance.

4、 Secondly, through daily and regular inspection, condition testing and diagnosis and other means, to effectively grasp the technical status of the equipment, in accordance with the requirements of the production process and the degree of deterioration of the state, the preparation of preventive repair plans, repair before the full preparation of technology and production, timely repair.

5、 Finally, the repair should be actively used in the new technology, new technology, new materials and modern scientific management methods, in order to ensure the quality of repair, shorten the downtime and reduce the cost of repair. At the same time, combined with the repair of the equipment necessary to improve the design of local improvements, in order to improve the reliability of glass machinery and equipment and maintenance, so as to improve the utilisation rate of the equipment.