Double Linear Grinding Machine (suitable for grinding extra large, extra thick glass)

The 26 grinding head is mainly used for double straight line edge grinding of home glass and architectural glass which requires high polishing and fast processing speed. It has the features of high speed and high polishing requirement.
high speed and high polishing requirements, the machine adopts the high precision transmission structure of double linear guides and double ball screws. Electricity
The control part adopts PLC programmable computer system, equipped with high-grade man-machine interface touch screen operating system.

Grinding Head Distribution



                Model                Minimum machined size (mm)                Maximum machined size (mm)                Processing thickness (mm)                Diagonal error (mm/m)                Parallelism error (mm/m)

                    Machining speed(m/min)

                    Total power(KW)

                    Floor space size


                Weight (Kg)
                LCH2524                200                2500                3-50                ±0.5                ±0.1                0.5-6.5


                4800X5300X1900                7100
                LCH3024                200                3000                3-50                ±0.5                ±0.1                0.5-6.5                59                5300X5300X1900                7500
                LCH4024                280                4200                3-50                ±0.5                ±0.1                0.5-6.5                59                5800X5300X1900                9200